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30 Minute Massage Therapy treatment - $60.00

A quick little treatment to get you in and out when you're on the go!
30 minute treatments are great to focus on a small area that needs attention.
45 Minute Massage Therapy treatment - $75.00

45 minutes is a great length if you are looking to have specific areas treated,
while quickly skimming over other minor areas of concern as well.
Ex: upper back, neck & shoulders; legs; headaches.
60 Minute Massage Therapy treatment - $90.00

The most popular massage length of choice!
60 minutes is perfect if you are looking to have a few areas treated specifically,
or as a wonderful full body relaxation treatment to let yourself unwind.
75 Minute Massage Therapy treatment - $110.00

One hour not quite enough time?
75 minute treatments were created to give you a little bit of extra time
without having to jump right into a 90 minute massage.
90 Minute Massage Therapy treatment - $130.00

90. Minute. Massage. Need we say more?
If you truly want a relaxation massage that hits every spot--this treatment is for you!
It can also be great if you need a lot of time spent in specific areas.
HST is included in all prices
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